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Will Weight Training Make Women Bulky?

Will Weight Training Make Women Bulky?

Article written by Esther Ng Yan Yan

There is an obvious gender gap that exists in the free weights section. Most women avoid picking up weights in the gym or going to the gym altogether because they believe weight training is a recipe for a bulk appearance. This is a common, but flawed perception.

It is true that a muscular frame, especially in the realm of body-building involves weight training. So, if body-builders are the result of lifting weights, is it true that weight training makes women bulky?  Let’s find out!


The common fitness goal among women is to get lean, and weight training plays a significant part in helping women sculpt their figure. Weight training comes in various training principles and strategies to accommodate different goals. If you want to bulk, weight training is the answer. If you want to get lean, weight training is also the answer. Weight training welcomes everyone!


Most women benefit from a hypertrophy program. Hypertrophy is best known for building endurance and lean muscles by keeping the volume of repetitions and sets per exercise on a higher range.

It involves gradually increasing the weight you’re lifting to stimulate muscle growth. As you increase the intensity of your training, your muscle mass will increase too.

No, an increase in muscle mass does not enlarge one’s body size. Muscles help you burn more calories and it takes up less space than fat in the body. Weight training also keeps your body burning calories even when you’re resting!


The output of your energy in training is only as effective as the amount of calories you consume daily, which is known as your caloric intake. If you consume more calories than you burn, the extra calories end up being stored as fat in your body. This is known as a caloric surplus.

If you are packing on muscles while being on a caloric surplus, this is how you bulk. If your goal is to get lean, you need to create a caloric deficit, which means consuming less calories than you burn in a day (this includes the calories you burn when you’re not training too).

Genetic Factor

There are three body types the general public can identify with.
Ectomorph: Resistant to weight gain (for both fat and muscle).
Endomorph: Holds onto more body fat.
Mesomorph: Able to lose fat and gain muscle in moderation.

Your body type is dependent on your lifestyle, diet, fitness level, medical history and other factors that change with time.

The male and female body is inherently different too. Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates muscle growth and women  have one-seventh the amount of testosterone as men.  Therefore, it is extremely difficult for females to become as muscular as men.

These four aspects debunk the myth that women will get bulky if they start lifting weights. Want to learn more about weight training? Join our Row HIIT classes that  utilizes weight training to give members an opportunity to get stronger and burn fat at the same time! Our community is built on a number of strong women who not only lifts heavy but they lift up one another too! Get stronger, leaner and fitter with the Row HIIT crew on your next visit to Ministry Of Burn!